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The AUB promotes polygyny, a form of polygamy in which one man has multiple wives, as part of its religious practice. Meanwhile, the Browns have been open about their support for gay marriage, polyamory, and other nontraditional relationship structures between consenting adults. During the Feb. As long as there is not abuse or fraud. I love your attitude Janelle! Well said Janelle. If it is consensual leave people alone! The Browns have been open over the years about their support for any relationship paradigms that allow for individual freedom between consenting adults. Meri, Robyn, and Christine were all raised by plural wives. Kody, meanwhile, was a convert like Janelle.

‘Brother Husbands’ Family: Where Are They Now? (EXCLUSIVE!)

Overall, Amanda had five children: triplets by Jeremy and two sons by Chad. The trio lived under one roof, and raised their kids as one family unit. They live together but are not legally married.

‘Sister Wives’ what she thought about polyandry, or ‘brother husbands.’ During a romantic dinner date with Meri on Sister Wives Season 1.

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Polyandry in India refers to the practice of polyandry, whereby a woman has two or more Fraternal polyandry (where husbands are related to each other) is mainly in practice in villages, where the Most often, all the brothers are married to a woman and sometimes the marriage to brothers happens at a later date.

Eleven8 December 11, Uncategorized Leave a comment. We discussed how multiple women can knowingly and happily be in a relationship with the same man. Polygamy and Polyamory is so old and ancient. You know, a woman with multiple men in her life. Men who choose to happily be in a relationship with a woman, despite she has a man.

Why is that concept much more rare? I believe there is a bit of a double standard when it comes to this situation. Of course, society deems it much more cool for a man to have multiple women. A woman on the other hand, not so much. Morally a woman is wrong for even entertaining anyone other than her mate and if the men oblige to such behavior, they are weak.

What the Sister Wives really think about having multiple husbands

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I speculated early on that the husband, Chad, was actually gay as he appeared about as straight as Graham Norton. Both he and Amanda.

The show concerns an American woman who lives with two men, one of whom is her husband and the other her lover. The first, and probably only, surprising thing about the show is that the woman, who goes by the name of Amanda Liston, is quite attractive:. I suspect the general attractiveness of the leading lady in Brother Husbands was the crucial factor in the programme being made.

If she was a warpig, it is unlikely anyone would have watched it for long. But that was about it in terms of surprises. They live in a large house somewhere in what I guess is flyover country I doubt they could afford to live on the coasts. Both of the men were whiny as hell, and it was obvious that Amanda wore the trousers in that household.

Sister Wives stars say they would never consider ‘brother husbands’

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I have a very toxic relationship with my ex-husband. on speaking to children about anxiety and that was the best post I’ve seen on anxiety to date. He lost his Mom and I never saw him shed a tear, then he lost his brother, and I went to the.

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, the husband of four wives looked less than pleased with the notion of ‘brother husbands’ for wives – but his wives were equally against the idea. Speaking with students in Boston, the unorthodox family unit answered questions from the audience as part of last night’s second series episode. Many women, one man: According to the Brown family’s religious beliefs, a man may take multiple wives but wives should never have more than one husband. One member of the curious crowd asked what many, no doubt, have long wanted to ask – what are the polygamists’ takes on ‘brother husbands,’ or multiple husbands for one wife?

The married unit seemed bemused – though, according to Jezebel, the busy Mr Brown has said in the past that if he could chose any brother husband, it’d be Brad Pitt. Do you? Wife 1 and wife 2: Janelle grabs the mike from Meri, telling the audience that ‘guys are tons, a lot of work,’ she asks: ‘Who would want that? But laughs aside, the question touched upon the beliefs behind their unusual union. Janelle goes on to explain: ‘Religions have rules and beliefs.

Every religion has rules that they think bring them closer to God. That is how it is for us. We feel like living plural marriage is a commandment designed for our happiness.

‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Answers a Question About ‘Brother Husbands’

Amanda has a very full love life with not one, but TWO husbands. This is an inside look at a real life Modern Family, as Amanda navigates a polyamorous relationship with her first husband Chad, her second husband Jeremy and their five children. About Brother Husbands. More Full Episodes.

The first husband is also now dating a man. Continue this thread.

Yes, brother husbands actually exist! Now that TLC has not one, but two reality TV shows that are currently on the air that shed a light on polygamy — both the longrunning series Sister Wives and the new series Seeking Sister Wife — fans are wondering if “brother husbands” are actually a thing. Well, turns out, it is!

In February , TLC even aired a pilot episode for a series adequately titled Brother Husbands but it didn’t quite take off as much as the network expected it to. The short-lived series revolved around the Stone family — which consisted of wife Amanda, husband Chad, and second husband Jeremy. Together, they have five children — two sons and triplet daughters, and all five children are raised together as siblings. But there are some very big differences between the polygamous lifestyles led by their former TLC co-stars the Brown family and the polyandrous Stone family.

New year, same beautiful faces. I love being a mother. The first big difference is in polyandry aka a form of polygamy where a woman takes multiple husbands , the family is led by the matriarch. So in the Stone family’s case, that means that Amanda is the head of the household — unlike the Brown family, which is led by patriarch Kody Brown.

Brother Husbands